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How to make soaps at home

  • Posted by admin on November 30, 2013
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To prepare homemade soap is not enough only to know the ingredients. First you should know all about the necessary tools, safety measures, and the process itself.

In this post I intent to let you know the basics of making soaps at home.

First let’s begin with what tools you will need:

  • a scale needed for the measurements of butters and  sodium hydroxide
  • glass bowl for mixing distilled water and sodium hydroxide
  • a graded glass for the measurement of oils
  • a stainless steel pan for heating the butters and oils at bain marie
  • goggles
  • rubber gloves
  • a face mask to cover your nose and mouth
  • a cap to cover your hair
  • a rope to cover your clothes will also be appropriate
  • a glass spoon and a wood one
  • plastic shapes to pour the soap paste in them
  • a glass stick to mix the ingredients
  • a mixer
  • one knife used for cutting the soaps
  • two glass thermometers
  • grinder machine (optional for grinding plants)

After you are sure you have all of the above lets talk about the safety  measurements:

  1. Always protect your body: were gloves, rope, goggles, face mask and hair cap.
  2. Wash your hands and gloves after each season of making soaps.
  3. Do not wear jewelry.
  4. Use only glass recipients for the recipients were you pour sodium hydroxide.
  5. Do not touch your nose, eyes or nay part of your body while making soaps.
  6. Keep the windows opened for the entire process (is better if your can make the soap outside).
  7. Do not let your children near the working zone.
  8. Do not throw the leftovers in the toilette or the sink.

After we establish the needed tools and the safety measures as well, now we can talk about how to make soap at home.
I only make soap using the cold process so this is what I will share with you:

  1. First you need to weight the sodium hydroxide, the oils, distilled water/rose water, butters with the appropriate tool.
  2. Then you need to mix the water with the sodium hydroxide  – pour the sodium hydroxide over the water, little by little, until fully dissolved. The optimal temperature for this mixture is between 33 and 43°C.
  3. The oil mixture has the optimal temperate in the same interval – 33 and 43°C.
  4. When both mixture reached the optimal temperature pour the water+sodium hydroxide mixture, over the oils one. Mix with the glass stick until they are slowly homogenized.
  5. Then continue the homogenization with a mixer until the mixture leave a trace. The trace means that when you take out from the bowl the mixer, the composition leave like a soap trace on top of it.
  6. Now you should add the essential oils and continue mixing until all the ingredients are fully incorporated.
  7. Prepare the shapes and with a ladle, pour slowly the soap composition in them. With a glass stick continue to slowly mix the the composition after you pour them in shapes.
  8. Cover the shapes with a clean blanket then leave them for 24 hours. After this you can take the soap out of the shapes.

This is the whole process of making soap with the cold process.
I hope you find it interesting and try making your own soaps from now on. :)

how to make homemade soaps


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