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Flattering Makeup Techniques for Round Faces

Joaquimma Anna May 29, 2023
Makeup can be a great way to enhance the features of any face shape. For those with a round face, there are plenty of makeup tips that can help to create the look you desire. By making use of highlights and contouring, playing with lines and angles, and choosing the right colors, you can showcase your features in the best way possible. With these makeup tips for round faces, you can create a look that is flattering and stylish!

Makeup For Round Face: Makeup Tips for Rounder Face Shapes


Makeup can do wonders in enhancing one’s natural features. Women with round faces often look for ways to create an illusion of more defined cheekbones and a slimmer jawline using makeup. In this article, we will discuss some of the most flattering makeup techniques for round faces.

1. Contouring

HOW TO: Contour for Round Face Shapes! // PAINTEDBYSPENCER – YouTube …

Contouring is a technique used to create shadows and highlight areas of the face. By applying a darker shade in areas such as the temples, under the cheekbones, and along the jawline, one can achieve more defined features. When contouring for a round face, it is essential to focus on creating shadow around the cheeks and jawline to create a more chiseled look.

2. Blush Placement

How to apply blush to a round face – Quora

Blush can help add warmth and color to the face. Applying blush in an upward motion from the apples of your cheeks towards your temples will create a lifted effect on your face. For round faces, it is recommended that you apply blush slightly higher on your cheeks than usual to make your cheekbones appear higher.

3. Eye Makeup

Makeup For Round Face: Makeup Tips for Rounder Face Shapes

Eye makeup can also help balance out a round face by creating an illusion of elongated eyes or wider-set eyes. Applying eyeliner on only half of your lower lash line can make your eyes appear larger but not too rounded. Also, applying eyeshadow in an upward motion towards your temple will create an elongated eye shape.

4. Lipstick

The best makeup looks for round faces according to the pros

Lipstick can help enhance one’s lips and make them appear fuller or smaller depending on how they are applied. For round faces, it is recommended that you opt for shades that are darker or brighter than usual as they tend to make your lips look smaller.


Makeup offers endless possibilities when it comes to enhancing our natural features and hiding our flaws. With these tips on flattering makeup techniques for round faces, you’ll be able to highlight all your best features and feel confident in your appearance. Remember, it’s all about creating shadows, adding warmth with blush, elongating the eyes with eye makeup, and playing around with lipsticks to create the perfect pout.

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