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Inspirational Beauty: Meet Jess

Joaquimma Anna May 8, 2023

The concept of beauty is an ever-evolving one, something that is both personal and widely accepted by society. Jessica, an aspiring makeup artist, has used her experiences and understanding of beauty to provide others with a unique look and perspective. By drawing on inspiration from natural elements, colors and textures, Jessica has created a range of truly beautiful looks that are sure to be appreciated for their creativity and sophistication. Her mastery of blending colors and textures to create a modern yet timeless feel shows both

Beauty by Jess: The Perfect NYE Look! – YouTube


Inspiration can come from various sources and forms. One of the most inspiring things is when we learn about amazing people and their journeys. In this article, we’ll meet Jess – a woman who defies all beauty standards and inspires others to see beauty in themselves.

Beauty by Jess: The Perfect NYE Look! – YouTube

Jess’s Story:

Jess was born with a rare skin condition called Harlequin ichthyosis. This condition causes an overproduction of skin cells, leading to thick, scaly patches all over her body. Jess’s skin is so tight that it limits her mobility, and she has to use a wheelchair to get around.

Growing up with this condition was not easy for Jess. She faced bullying, discrimination and struggled to fit in. However, she refused to let her condition define her and went on to become a model, campaigner, and inspiration for many.

As a model, Jess has posed for numerous magazines like Vogue Italia and Allure. She wants to show the world that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and conditions. Her mission is not only to redefine beauty standards but also encourage people with different abilities or appearance to embrace themselves as they are.

Beauty by Jess: The Perfect NYE Look! – YouTube

Aside from modeling career Jess also uses her fame as an influencer for good causes; she has campaigned against bullying on social media platforms like Instagram.

Jess’s Message:

For Jess – it’s important that everyone believes they are beautiful no matter how they look or what circumstance they may face in life. As per her words “Beauty is beyond just our external appearance but rather the qualities within us that make us who we are.”

Beauty by Jess: The Perfect NYE Look! – YouTube

Her message inspires young girls everywhere who feel the pressure of societal beauty standards that do not represent diversity—her story gives hope for those struggling with unique conditions or disabilities.

Jess’s journey teaches us how embracing ourselves as we are can change not only our lives but others’ lives as well—she shows us how important it is to embrace our differences and challenges, turn them into something unique and beautiful.


Beauty by Jess: The Perfect NYE Look! – YouTube

Jess’s journey is a powerful reminder that beauty is not only skin deep. It’s about our ability to overcome challenges with grace and strength while embracing ourselves. She has shown us that nothing can stop us from being who we are if we have the courage to believe in ourselves.

Her story is an inspiration not only for those facing physical conditions but also for everyone who struggles with self-acceptance. Jess shows us what it means to embrace one’s identity wholly and unapologetically. Let us all look up to Jess as a role model and turn our imperfections into inspirations.


Thinking about seeing a doctor about this. Makeup look inspired by @zoekimkenealy

♬ girlfriend – Hemlocke Springs

Thinking about seeing a doctor about this. Makeup look inspired by @zoekimkenealy
Jess(@jessechrisss). girlfriend – Hemlocke Springs. Thinking about seeing a doctor about this. Makeup look inspired by @zoekimkenealy

Joaquimma Anna

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