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Make Your Own Vegan Soap from Scratch with This Simple Recipe

Joaquimma Anna March 6, 2023

Home-made vegan soaps are a great way to make your own body care products without compromising on quality or your beliefs. Not only are they fun and easy to make, but you also get to customize your own soaps with your favorite essential oils and herbs. In this article, we’ll share a simple recipe for making your own vegan soap from scratch.

First, you’ll need to gather your ingredients. The base of your vegan soap is a combination of vegetable oils – such as coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil. You’ll also need lye, which is also known as sodium hydroxide, and distilled water. For additional fragrance and skin-nourishing benefits, you can also add essential oils and herbs like lavender, rosemary, and chamomile.

Once you’ve gathered all of your ingredients, it’s time to make your vegan soap. Start by combining your vegetable oils in a large mixing bowl. Gently heat the oils until they reach a liquid consistency and then stir in the lye. Make sure to wear gloves and goggles during this step to avoid any lye burns.

When the lye is fully dissolved, slowly add the distilled water to the oil-lye mixture. Continue stirring until all of the liquid is incorporated. Then, add your essential oils and herbs to the soap. Finally, pour the mixture into a soap mold and let it sit for at least 24 hours.

After 24 hours, your vegan soap should be solid enough to remove from the mold. Cut the soap into bars and let them cure for 4-6 weeks before using. Once they’re cured, you can enjoy your very own vegan soap!

Making your own vegan soap from scratch is an easy and rewarding way to customize your body care routine. With a few simple ingredients, you can make your own luxurious soaps that are good for your skin and the environment. Give it a try and enjoy your own homemade vegan soaps!

Joaquimma Anna

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