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Streaming Platforms for Make-up: Where Can I Watch It?

Joaquimma Anna July 17, 2023

Make up tutorials have become an ever increasing popular way of learning how to apply makeup. From YouTubers who teach us how to achieve the perfect look, to beauty bloggers whose tutorials help us get creative with our cosmetic collection, it’s easy to find ways of perfecting our makeup game. With so many places online, it can be hard to know where the best place is to watch make up tutorials. Here we provide the best resources so you can find a make up tutorial that

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Streaming Platforms for Make-up: Where Can I Watch It?


In today’s digital age, the world of makeup has expanded beyond just brick-and-mortar stores and salons. With the rise of streaming platforms, makeup enthusiasts can now access a wide range of content dedicated to their passion with just a few clicks. From tutorials and product reviews to live demonstrations and expert advice, these platforms offer an array of options for makeup lovers to learn, be inspired, and stay updated on the latest trends. Let’s explore some of the popular streaming platforms that provide an immersive experience in the world of makeup.

1. YouTube

Can I watch youtube?! – YouTube

Undoubtedly, YouTube reigns supreme as one of the go-to platforms for all things makeup-related. It boasts an extensive collection of channels dedicated solely to beauty and cosmetics. From renowned makeup artists to self-taught gurus, YouTube offers a diverse range of content creators who share their expertise through tutorials, reviews, hauls, and vlogs. One can easily search for specific topics or follow favorite channels to stay connected with the latest trends in makeup.

2. Instagram Live

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Instagram has become a hub for beauty influencers and brands to connect with their audience in real-time through Instagram Live sessions. Makeup artists often host live tutorials or Q&A sessions where viewers can ask questions and get immediate feedback. This interactive aspect makes Instagram Live an engaging platform for those looking to learn new techniques or seek personalized advice from professionals.

3. Twitch Creative

Twitch Creative Tutorial – Part 2 – OBS Cameras and Mics – YouTube

Although primarily known as a platform for gaming enthusiasts, Twitch also offers a dedicated category called “Twitch Creative,” where artists including makeup enthusiasts showcase their skills via live streams. Here you can find talented individuals demonstrating various makeup looks while interacting with viewers through chat features.

4. Facebook Groups

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Facebook Groups have become increasingly popular among beauty enthusiasts seeking a community experience centered around make-up discussions. These groups provide a space where members can share their favorite products, seek advice, and participate in challenges or competitions. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded individuals who share a common passion for makeup.

5. Vimeo

Make Up / Narkkozaostr on Vimeo

Vimeo is another platform where makeup artists and beauty brands can showcase their work through high-quality videos. While it may not have as vast a collection as YouTube, Vimeo focuses on providing creators with more control over their content’s presentation and aesthetics. This platform is an excellent choice for those looking to explore artistic and visually captivating makeup content.

In summary,

The digital world has opened up numerous opportunities for makeup enthusiasts to engage with their passion via streaming platforms. From the vast array of makeup tutorials on YouTube to live sessions on Instagram, there are plenty of options available to learn new techniques, connect with professionals, and stay inspired by the latest trends. Whether you prefer the interactive nature of Instagram Live or the artistic appeal of platforms like Vimeo, these streaming platforms provide a wealth of content that caters specifically to makeup enthusiasts worldwide.

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