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To Tip or Not to Tip: Deciding on Gratuity for Hair and Makeup Trials

Joaquimma Anna June 4, 2023
A hair and makeup trial is an essential step in the process of finding the perfect look for an event or special occasion. While the outcome of a successful trial can be priceless, should you tip for hair and makeup services? This article will discuss when and how much to tip for hair and makeup trials, and tips on how to make your trial experience as successful as possible.

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When it comes to planning for a big event, such as a wedding or prom, hair and makeup trials play a crucial role in helping you achieve your desired look. However, one question that often arises during these trials is whether to tip the stylist or makeup artist. In this article, we will discuss the etiquette surrounding gratuity for hair and makeup trials.

List of Considerations:

1. Is tipping customary in your area? In some places, tipping is expected for any service provided

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2. Did you receive exceptional service? If you were particularly impressed with the stylist’s work or their professionalism, consider leaving a tip

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3. How long did the trial take? If the trial lasted longer than expected or required extra attention from the stylist, it may be appropriate to tip

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4. What is your budget? If your budget allows for it, leaving a small tip can be a nice gesture of appreciation

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Ultimately, whether to tip during hair and makeup trials depends on personal preference and individual circumstances. If you are unsure about whether to leave a gratuity, feel free to ask the stylist or makeup artist directly if they accept tips. Remember that tipping is never mandatory but can be appreciated as a way to show gratitude for excellent service.

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